With Dan Majestic, you are working with individuals that make you a priority rather than just a company. Dan makes you feel cared for as a tenant. Communication and response in addressing any concerns have been timely and efficient.

. . . .
Bilal J.

Thank you Dan for your amazing help to find a place at Ball State for our son. We were impressed that you offered to meet him and show him some of your properties, as well as introducing him tom some of your tenants. We were most impressed that you even arranged to show him a property that wasn't yours, knowing it might be the best fit for him. WOW! Well Done!

. . . .
Jen K.

Since Dan became our landlord in our Ball State property has become a lot easier. If you ever have a problem let Dan know and he will quickly fix the problem. Dan is thoughtful and understands college life.

. . . .
Brandon W.